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Martin Miller - Preset Packs

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Now available are presets I created for the Axe-FX III (& FM3/FM9), Axe-FX II (& AX8), Helix (Native, Stomp, Floor, LT & Rack) and Kemper Profiler family of products. Each of the packages comes with the same set of 8 presets.

  • MM Basic Lead
  • MM Fuzz
  • Octave Crunch
  • Dark Jazz
  • Ambient Crunch
  • Heavy Double Track
  • Sparkle Clean
  • Dotted 8ths Delay

For further information, watch the following video:

Pick the device of your choice or buy all of them in a bundle at a special price.

IMPORTANT: The Axe-Fx 3 presets require FW 17.00 and Axe-Fx 2 presets require FW Ares 2.00 to be fully functional. If you're on a higher FW, the presets might still work but require a little manual tweaking to be fully compatible.

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Martin Miller - Preset Packs

24 ratings
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